I love you beth cooper

Doubtfire could have overseen this debacle is beyond the pale. But I voted a ten anyway, just for all of the illegal things I would do to Hayden Panettiere. Kevin's father forgoes charging Beth with stealing his car if they don't charge Kevin with attempting to kill Denis. Lauren Storm as Treece.

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I Love You, Beth Cooper Review

Variety - Brian Lowry. Rich and Denis fight off Kevin for a bit by using their wet towels to thrash them with; this they learned to do after a brutal beating Rich had in freshman year. Hayden Panettiere as Beth Cooper. Doubtfire could have overseen this debacle is beyond the pale.

It so desperately wants to be an '80s high-school romp, yet comes across as a film made by people who have never even seen one. Throughout the novel the real Beth shows that dooper is nowhere near the perfect girl that Denis has imagined.

August 19, Full Review…. Beth is fast, but not fast coopeg. Denis tells her "what's not to love" and that she mustn't forget that. Josh Emerson as Greg Saolog.

I Love You, Beth Cooper (film) - Wikipedia

Cooverman Cynthia Stevenson as Mrs. Now, over the course of one long night, Denis will finally get to know the girl of his dreams better than he ever thought possible. If you have a bad cooperr, it's circumventable with a stellar cast, but this film is headed by walking hot mess Paul Rust, who is somehow too nerdy and too awkward to pull this off. He continues to deny he is. Denis, feeling uninvited does not accompany the Trinity into the party but decides to enter in anyway later.

The story quickly -- and I coo;er quickly -- devolves into an unimaginative high school retread. Beth is dropped off at an empty house.

This page was last edited on 26 Julyat Rewatch the Breakfast Club instead.

I Love You, Beth Cooper

The film was obviously constructed as a star vehicle for Hayden Panettiere, the fulsome-beyond-her-years starlet who was hot for a split-second thanks to the one-season wonder TV series, Heroes. The story is timeless; this could have taken place when Doyle graduated in '76 -- or any year, really, since the effects of high school linger throughout adult life and nerds are forever. Rich challenges Kevin and his friends in a towel whipping 'duel', as he has been training for years after being towel whipped as a bullied young kid.

I Love You, Beth Cooper I Love You, Beth Cooper: View All Audience Reviews. They then start a bonfire in an isolated section of town where Rich, Cammy, and Treece are chased by a stampede of cows after trying to tip one over. Pat Finn as Coach Raupp.

Season 4 The Deuce: His father tells him not to mention that to his mother. At Denis's house, his parents leave but not before his father revealing that he has condoms upstairs if he needs them.

It's relatively lite on the raunch, too, if that makes a difference for you one way yu the other.

The Lightning Thief Pixels In addition, the publication felt that Columbus' flair for sight gags reached its peak when Denis uses two tampons to stem a nosebleed. Please enter your birth date to watch this video:. The entire film is a deep exhale, not letting lvoe take anything away from this snooze fest. March 4, Full Review….

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