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Boris FX Boris FX came to NAB with new versions, each of which expanded the capabilities of the company's toolset of visual effects, compositing, titling, and workflow tools: Further, Autodesk gives you three options on the type of cast shadows you apply to the scene: Folders can not contain Libraries.

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You can add effects, including ConnectFX to Gaps which will act like adjustment layers on the tracks below. The company also unveiled numerous broadcaster-friendly products, including the AirSpeed server and Avid Motion Graphics.

Professional Video Effects Software | Smoke | Autodesk

Get some free lens flare presets here. So now that the final release is here, you might have some questions about what Smoke has to offer. You should just let Smoke manage the media.

Can I keyframe effects?

Personally, if you have the bandwidth and a fast storage array, I would work in DPX Uncompressed frames for maximum quality. This Smoke connects the process of editorial with visual effects tighter than ever before.

NAB Autodesk Smoke for Mac OS X Now Shipping by Dorian Gentry - ProVideo Coalition

All audio regardless of sample rate is converted to 48khz. By clicking the "Subcribe" button, you agree to sign up for the Post Magazine e-newsletter, as well as to receive third-party promotions from our partners. Can I download a trial version?

You can use a 3 rd party program like PluralEyes as a standalone to sync your double system sound and import an. Does it support broadcast monitors? Sparks are usable on the timeline as well as in ConnectFX. The Front, Bevel, and Back of a text can all be textured with separate elements.

Or you can choose to just archive the clip and effects metadata and copy the linked media to store it along with the archive. For the pure editing crowd, Avid unveiled a cross-promotion deal to offer Symphony's color correction and finishing capabilities for a fraction of its usual cost. You can animate and place text on a path with 2D text, and you can even have a path in 3D space within Action with 3D text. In fact, the lighting system and plug-ins recognize occlusions, which can create dramatic edge lighting light as I did in a recent project.

Hand-drawn as well as preset shapes are available, with variable feathering of the vertices. A stereo track contains one left eye layer and one right eye layer. The release is a solid update on what, to me, is a clear and thoughtful product development path improving the software with every release and adding features that keeps making Smoke a more powerful tool. Smoke can be used on a MacBookPro, with portable storage. XML from Premiere Pro. Currently you can only do Stereo and Mono Mixes in Smoke.

Smoke has a very easy archive solution. Smoke has traditionally always worked in DPX frames. If you start doing some vertical compositing on the timeline and feel you need moreā€¦ then you can simply select all of your clips and then add a ConnectFX and check the Generate Aytodesk button.

Review: Autodesk Smoke 2012 SP2 for Mac OS X

Is there a 3D camera tracker? Smoke can use a lot of your systems resources, but you can Hide and minimize Smoke and open up other programs. In normal operation, you would never need to look in to this folder. More specifically, the brand new design is intuitive and gestural or, as Hamaker put it, "Mac-like where it needs to be.

These would then be selected during the creation of a Project.

You are not required to have a broadcast monitor or sync for Smoke. The broadcast output options in Preferences will be disabled.

Smoke does not support audio plugins but does have many built in Audio tools for EQ, Compression, Modulation, and Reverb effects. Many functions in the UI use Right-Click contextual menus, which work well with both a mouse or pen.

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