Building construction dictionary

USPRwire, Fri May 16 ] This report is the result of Timetric's extensive market research covering the office building construction industry in Myanmar. Full Definitions of construction. Molded trim of a concave shape used around cabinet construction and other built-ins.

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A natural or synthetic material, generally in paste or liquid form, used dictionqry fasten or glue boards together, lay floor tile, fabricate plastic laminates, etc. The boards or sheet material fastened to the roof rafters on which the shingles or other roof covering is laid.


Materials for obstructing the passage of sound, heat, or ductionary from one surface to another. See our page on anchor fasteners. Making a pane of two pieces of glass with air space between and sealed to provide insulation. The lux level is measured at a specific surface, called a workplane. The space or passage in a chimney through which smoke, gas, or fumes ascend.

Dictionary of Construction, Surveying and Civil Engineering - Oxford Reference

A concrete or steel tank where sewage is par tially reduced by bacterial action. A roll or sheet of insulation designed to be installed between members of frame construction.

Its effect on paint is to weaken the color of paint, and in plastics, prolonged exposure results in brittleness, which ditcionary lead to cracking and loss of flexibility. The key thing is that there is no support at the outer edge. Lux is nothing but lumens per square meter.

A fill or earth surface upon which concrete is placed.

A transom is a horizontal cross-member in between two shutters or parts of a window or door. Any board suitable for insulating purposes: Full Definitions of construction. A series of balusters connected by a rail; generally used for porches and balconies.

A beam made of superimposed layers of similar materials by uniting them with glue and pressure. A hot rolled section is a steel structural member such as an I-section, C-section, or angle that is made by channeling molten hot steel through a series buuilding rollers until it achieves the desired shape.

A small member which divides the glass or openings of sash or doors. The portion consgruction the roof above the eave line of a double-sloped roof. The branch of government in charge of surveying public lands.

A large or principal beam of wood or steel used to support concentrated loads at isolated points along its length. In houses, screened openings provided to ventilate an attic space. Flashing is a long folded strip of metal that is usually placed over any joints between sheets, or between sheets and gutters, to waterproof the joint and ensure that water does not leak through.

A document used to hold property as security for a debt. Lumens are a measure of the total light energy emitted by a light fixture or source. A flashing used under the regular flashing. This is an industry standard to classify how well fittings and fixtures resist environmental conditions such as rain and dust.

Curing is done to ensure there is enough water for the chemical process of setting, and to keep the temperature of the concrete within acceptable limits. Cold formed sections are mild steel structural members that are made by passing a thin sheet of steel, usually between 1 and 3mm thick, through a series of rollers until it achieves the desired shape.

Dictionary of Architecture and Building Construction

The use of wood strips or other materials as a method of finishing the interior face of a masonry wall. The rafters of a flat roof are sometimes called roof joists. Any window space projecting outward from the walls of a building, either square or polygonal in plan. Divtionary up, it's free! Primarily used in construction for chests and closet linings for its mothproof value.

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