Data communication and networking ppt

Loss of signal easily detected Cons Requires 2 frequencies Detection circuit needs to recognize both frequencies when signal is lost. UTP is used in Ethernet networks. The Headers contain information that specifically addresses layer-to-layer communication.

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Twisted pair looks like telephone wire and consists of insulated strands of copper wire twisted together. Transmissions from a stations with higher priority take precedence over stations with lower priority.

However, another station may have detected a free cable at the same instant and also start transmitting.

Data Communications & Networking - ppt download

In effect, the transmitting computer gives a 'heads up' prior to transmitting. The device slave always generates the clock signal. The host then pulls Data low and releases Clock. This is always daa. Managing the session involves synchronization of user tasks and dialog control e. Token Ring is generally more secure and more stable than Ethernet, but networkin used anymore in typical LAN configurations. We think you have liked this presentation.

The most common type of LAN architecture is Ethernet. A server is a computer that makes its resources available to the network and responds to the commands of a client.

This is the method most widely used for PC or simple terminal serial communications. Such overlapping is referred to as a "collision.

The Transport Layer On the sending side, messages are packaged for efficient transmission and assigned a tracking number so they can be reassembled in proper order. Connects two incompatible networks resulting in a network of networks - internet. Half Duplex A half duplex channel can send and receive, but not at the same time.

UTP is used in Ethernet networks. It is also where data is compressed for transmission and uncompressed on receipt.

Data Communications & Networking

If a cable is cut, it only affects the computer that was attached to it. The token travels along the ring until it reaches the destination address.

Where a binary signal is being used, this is the same as conmunication baud rate. Star topologies are normally implemented using twisted pair cable, specifically unshielded twisted pair UTP. Extends a network Bridge: Growth of system has minimal impact on performance All stations have equal access Disadvantages of ring topology: The result is a "collision. Defines the electrical characteristics of the signals used to transmit the data e. It does this by time or frequency division.

Corrupt data is also identified at the data link layer. Loss of signal easily detected Cons Requires 2 frequencies Detection circuit needs to recognize both frequencies when signal is lost. Baud Rate Baud rate is the same as symbol rate and is a measure of the number of line changes which occur every second. The lower sublayer provides network access. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. Adta an acknowledgement is expected and not received, the frame will be resent.

It is very stable and can be expanded without a significant degradation in network performance. All other layers below the Transport layer pass the Transport Header as part of their Data. If there are errors, the data is retransmitted.

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