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The more falling speed you have collected when jumping "into" the edge, the more likely it will allow you to do an edgebug. The best Deathrun experience you can have out there! When you release the key, your model "stands up" and then you have to jump at pretty much the same time. But its not as hard as it might seem at first, its pretty similar to catching the block's edge while longjumping.

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Obviously it's possible to trick the engine if you are ducked in the last airframe and release duck when you touch the ground. Furthermore this object needs to be touching the ground obviously, so we can stand on the ground after performing that slidebug. Often a mixture between standup and normal bhops is the fastest way you can move forward by bhopping! Here is a brief list of very easy maps that are adequate for first attempts to beat your first climbmap s:. The higher the jump is and therefore the bigger the height difference the harder it will become to trigger the bug.

KrAz Remade into csgo by: Deathrun server with time system. No1 hungarian deathrun server. After that you have to try and perform the jumpbug when you are just about to enter the area you have remembered before. A technique which makes Highjumps as easy as Longjumps, and makes it even possible to jump way longer on usual Longjumps as well. If you know of an upcoming marathon, please message the moderators!

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This will give you some extra acceleration and is very important for a good prestrafe. A lot of newcomers css to play with checkpoints immediately just because ca way easier to beat a map with checkpoints, without thinking about the possible consequences.

But you have to do it quite fast and that's why you should practice it a bit if you want to be able to perform it fast and effective. Sliding requires a high amount of FPS, otherwise it will become very hard and unstable, causing you to fall of. In this case the upper collision model is located slightly above the lower one, and as long as the upper collision model does not make contact with the ground, then the player will not take fall damage at all.

The less slanted the target surface is the more speed is needed - and the more slanted the target surface is the less speed is needed for a duckbug.

Speedrun | Counter-Strike Maps

The server got fastdownload enabled, however you might wanna grab the maps listed above in our download section before you join the game. All the codes are posted in this thread.

Speedrunning Tools xsplit Live streaming software. How can I handle it? This technique is similar to the edgebug, but obviously - just like the name is implying - spedrun need a surfable or slideable wall to perform this, not an edge.

The best choice here is to do a good duck standup bhop, since it's way more powerful see chapter "duckstandup bhop". This way you feel immediately if your strafes are effective and therefore accelerate you or not!

Okay, so lets try to find out how this technique is even possible and how it is possible to trigger the bug. The result of this move is that we are touching the ground and sliding up a wall at the same time, forcing the cs engine to assume that we have a positive vertical speed going up and that wer are not connected to the ground - so there is no "need" for the engine to damage you.

There's a videoguide explaining how to do edgebugs for quite a while sppeedrun our download section, feel free to watch it or download it from our downloadpage for additional informations.

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You're not going to find much text here, since it's pretty much all done and you should be able to make your first own steps on some of the easier maps.

Bhopping is way more than just some consecutive jumps without stopping: It doesn't matter whether a jump has a height of 70 or vs by the way, there is no such thing as dynamic transitions. Description Discussions 0 Comments 0. After we know what the duckbug is, how does it work, how can we do it and on which maps can it be used? Here are some facts about it:.


Okay people, now it's time to learn a new longjump category! Log in or sign up in seconds.

Step on the place where you want to make jumpbug, remember it. Trademarks are the property of their respective owners, all sites and servers are added by users.

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